MagicfuteCampus - global project, consisting of 4 stages which is prepared by the president of the company MagicfuteSports Artush Davidóvic, supported A.D.A.M. Foundation for enabling 352 children from 45 countries of the world to express themselves and get to the future football academy - MagicfuteAcademy 22.

"We see football players that can not be seen by others, which is why for our players Nothing is Impossible!"

Artush Davidóvic
President-CEO MagicfuteSports

352 Young talents
During 5 years thanks to the scouts of our company will be selected 352 young, talented and unique children who do not have an easy opportunity to prove himself in the football academies of their countries.
2. Training
JUNE 1, 2022
For June 1, 2022, our campus football will open its doors for the future of these players, where for 92 days, all the children will receive professional football training under the guidance of the best Spanish and Dutch experts of the high luminance level.
3. Transfer
Over 1 year
At this stage 352 professionally-trained young players transfered to MagicfuteAcademy 22, which, in turn, will open its doors 22/09/2022, where over 1 year all these unique young players prove they are the best in the world.
4. Becoming
Sign a contract
1 July 2023 - 22 top of 352 unique players sign a contract on with MagicfuteSports - that will give the right in the future to switch to the best football clubs the top of the planet.
Future is the faith
"MagicfuteSports - it's limitless possibilities, a unique tool, a powerful weapon to achieve its objectives of a big football! We the are future of Football and the Future is the belief and support of young players! It is paradoxical thinking, a willingness to take on another, is not a classic in this way- and success is the way our Great Way MagicfuteSports!"
Artush Davidóvic
President-CEO MagicfuteSports