Football Academy the future, which you'll no analogues in the world. Academy opens 22.09.2022 year, which will go 352 unique player. This ambitious project, which aims development and contributions Football as most popular sport. In general, the main aspect is the development of the sport on a global scale, as a tool for social integration of young players who are not able to show themselves, but have a huge football future!

The Academy will be built in China and put into operation in 2022. It will include myself 6 fields with natural grass and heated, 2 of which will be a closed arena. Also Academy will have its own campus, where the players and all the staff will be able to live and have all comfortable conditions for its development, A private medical center for rehabilitation procedures, 4 swimming pools, 4 modern gyms with the latest equipment, 2 tennis courts - one with grass and one unpaved, in the campus will accommodate 440 352 man-player, 48 coaches and 40 - all Academy staff, including the Director Academy, 2 cinemas, training simulator, Footbonaut "new generation, analytical room for the coaching staff, 2 restaurant complex with chefs from France.

The Academy will be the most modern in the world where high-level experts will be gathered.

"MagicfuteAcademy 22 - it is a great goal, which realizes the dream of these unique players and millions of children have no opportunity to show off their football skills and to realize himself as a footballer Our Academy also gives the opportunity, blurring the boundaries of the impossible - To realize themselves and reach their big football goal!"
Artush Davidóvic
President-CEO MagicfuteSports

6 fields
Medical center
4 swimming pools
4 modern gyms
2 tennis courts
Analytics rooms
2 cinemas