About Magicfutesports

MagicfuteSports - is a global multi-company, which includes a complete portfolio of sports consulting services at all stages of the development of football career of football clubs and football in general.

MagicfuteSports is a leading consultant in the field of the transfer of the company's leading top clubs in Europe and Asia. The company is one of the few that serves as a tool to improve the image of football players, football coaches and football clubs.

Our team of professionals works hard 24/7 and monitors from around the globe, in order to find the best and most talented young players of our Earth.

Impeccable reputation doomed to success, football professionals, collected in a single control mechanism - it is thanks to this trust us the best football clubs and the most famous brands in the world.

The main concept MagicfuteSports, developed by the president of the company, operating a powerful tool for football clubs, with a view to achieving the maximum extremely positive results in football and sports purposes, and in terms of getting the maximum benefit in the football business. After all, football is not just a game of millions, but big business, requiring large investments!

The company was founded Artush Davidóvic in 2014 and has offices in the United Arab Emirates, Monaco, Italy.

«The best way to predict the future, invent it»
Given our limitless possibilities and access to all of the world's football resources with us, nothing is impossible!

Good artists copy, great artists steal. And we will never hesitate to steal the great ideas and do it better than others.

We there are Success, We there are Great Future, We - MagicfuteSports.

Artush Davidóvic - President-CEO